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JOHNISM is proud to offer Toyo tires to the Philippines at some of the lowest prices around. Johnism helps customers find the right Toyo tires for their Bus or truck at the right price that fits their budget. also offers great deals providing free weekly tire check up.

For the first nine years, the Toyo Tire (USA) warehouse only distributed Commercial Truck Tires. By 1975 Toyo Tire started adding Passenger Replacement Tires as inventory of the USA warehouses. The first production plant in the United States was opened in the late 1980’s.

Johnism trading Is Established in December 2018 for the purpose of importing, distributing ang selling tires for trucks and buses. We offer TOYO and TAITONG brand tires. The company is wholly-owned subsidiary of NAOETSU Kairiku Co., Ltd. Based in Japan.

Company profile ‘Johnism Trading was established in December 2018 for the purpose of importing, distributing and selling tires for trucks and buses. It offers TOYO and Taitong Brand. The Company is wholly-owned subsidiary of Naoetsu Kairiku Unso Co., LTD.


Toyo Tires stands behind innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service to offer one of the finest tire brands on the market today.


Taitong Tire Group is an emerging brand engaged in truck tire production and distribution. The company was established in 1995, and current…

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