Toyo Tires are made for Hard Graft day in, day out, whatever the weather and wherever you’re working. But while we’ve made them tough and long lasting, we’ve also ensured that Toyo van tires give a comfortable ride quality and are quiet in use – after all, when you spend all day in a van, you deserve to be looked after. Read More…


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The M125z from Toyo Tires is a highway rib, all-position tire designed primarily for steer axle use. The M125z features a defense groove to prevent shoulder wear.

Wide five rib pattern with wide shoulder ribs
A wide contact patch for optimum traction and resistance to shoulder wear.

Wear resistant tread compound
Long tread life.

Defense groove on outside of tread shoulder
Resistance to shoulder wear.

Tire Size11r22.5
Ply Rate16 PR
Rim Width25.5
Rim Diameter11in
Regrooving Depth3mm
Width Of Cut7mm
Max Loading1281 – 3988

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With over sixty years of experience, Toyo Tires stands behind innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service to offer one of the finest tire brands on the market today. Toyo Tire has not been around very long compared to Michelin or Firestone, but they have been extremely successful. Founded in 1945 by Rikimatsu Tomihisa, Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. in Japan. Toyo Tire established the first ever subsidiary of any Japanese Company in the United States in 1966. For the first nine years, the Toyo Tire (USA) warehouse only distributed Commercial Truck Tires. By 1975 Toyo Tire started adding Passenger Replacement Tires as inventory of the USA warehouses. The first production plant in the United States was opened in the late 1980’s.

This Japanese company has been around since 1945,
and has no plans of stopping. 

A strong reputation has helped Toyo Tire to be one of the finest Tire Manufacturers offering products to the United States. The North American Tire Dealers voted Toyo Tires the #1 overall Brand numerous times in the Tire Review Magazine’s Annual Tire Brand Study. Toyo Tires consumer tires have been voted #1 an unbelievable seven times since 2000, by the North American Tire Dealers. The Medium Truck tires developed and manufactured by Toyo Tires have received praise five times since 2002.

All Toyo Long Distance Application tires are designed to give excellent life. A number of features including the use of special compounds designed to give high mileage contribute to this lasting performance. Optimum casing design allows even wear and low internal stresses which gives great traction and improves the retreadability of the tires at the end of their long life. All Toyo truck tires are designed with high acceptability for retreading in mind.

Originally named Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., it began its U.S. operations (July 1966) in California, and distributed commercial tires during the same time. It further expanded its U.S. production facility to Mt. Vernon in 1998.

” Toyo Tires is a technology-focused global brand with an extensive product lineup acclaimed for exceptional performance and quality. The TRANPATH minivan tire developed as a “specialized tire” and released in 1995, has been popular in Japan for 20 years as a product that defines a minivan-specialized tire. ”

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